Deli Sandwich Meat, Cheese & More!

Whether you are wanting to pre-order sliced deli meats, cheeses, or any sides from the Deli we are here to help.  Fill out the form “Reserve Now” tell us all the details and we will call you to confirm and get payment over the phone.

Karl's Produce Grocery Deli

Fresh Gourmet Meats & Cheeses

Our deli meats have been hand-picked from top-of-the-line producers such as Boar’s Head. They have been chosen for their taste, freshness, quality, and price. We are happy to offer samples of any of our products and let you come to the same conclusion. Our cheeses are made in Wisconsin, Ohio, and New York providing you with an assortment that is high in flavor and in quality.


Karl’s Produce offers the finest selection of meats from Boars Head, Critchfield’s, Uncle Charley’s, and More! If you are looking to reserve something, just fill out the form and we will call you to confirm an order.

Making Your Own Bread

Do you grind your own flour or wish you could? We carry a wide variety of grains in all sorts of packaged sizes so whether you are baking for one person or ten, your grains can remain fresh and wholesome. We do carry Weisenberger Mills products out of Midway Ky. We have Flour, self-rising flour, cornmeal, pancake mix, grits, unbleached white bread flour, fish batter, and muffin mixes.

We’ve Got Lunch for You

Whether it is a deli sandwich made on our classic homemade buns or bread, we have options to suit your mood. When it’s cold outside, come in and warm up with one of our hot, made-from-scratch soups, or take it along to warm you wherever you go. Our soups are made by Boars Head. You can enjoy your meal outside at our picnic tables.

Homemade Soups and Salads

Our salads and soups are made right here using only the freshest ingredients. Made from scratch with no preservatives, they not only taste great but are good for you as well.

Satisfy the Sweet Tooth

Our candy aisle is packed with goodies. With over 100 kinds of chocolate candies, this is a chocolate lovers paradise! We have old-fashioned favorites such as sanded horehound, licorice, and peanut squares, and over 25 varieties of gummy and jelly candies. If sugar is a problem for you, it’s not for us! We keep well-stocked with sugar-free candies and cookies-including chocolates. In addition to all our regular candy we also carry seasonal candies so you can save on your favorites (like ribbon candy at Christmas time or pumpkin fudge in the fall).

Meat your maker!

Check out this delicious premium meat and cheese made with Boar’s Head